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Bane - Fan art

Hi guys, this is my last personal project that I have been working in the last 2 months in my spare time.

In this project I try to do a well-know character. I have pushed myself to get a result as close as I could to the reference.

For do this character, I didn’t use any special pipeline, only basic stuff. I have blocked the forms in Zbrush, topology Zbrush and Max, Zbrush and photoshop for texture and renders Vray-Max.

I couldn’t have achieved this result without inspiration, guide and assistance of Alessandro Baldasseroni. He put a dream in my mind and after that he guided me to become it reality. I’ve got so much to thank him for.

Thank you for see it.
I hope you like it.

Carlos vidal q001
Carlos vidal turntable
Carlos vidal q003
Carlos vidal q002
Carlos vidal wireframe 04
Carlos vidal wireframe 01
Carlos vidal wireframe 02
Carlos vidal wireframe 03
Carlos vidal bane16
Carlos vidal bane17
Carlos vidal bane20
Carlos vidal bane27
Carlos vidal bane25